Marley Jenkins '15

Marley Jenkins ’15 was a four-year day student. A stellar athlete, Marley grew as a leader at Exeter and, as a senior, served as captain of the girls varsity lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey teams.

“It’s daunting to have the weight of the responsibility of being a captain on my shoulders, but I feel like it’s shared by the whole team,” she says. “I’ve realized that everyone on the team is at the same level — we’re all working just as hard as each other to be successful.”

From her first day on campus, Marley found in Exeter’s sports program a way to connect with other students and develop skills for life. The coaches and facilities have also helped her prepare for her next step: She’s now attending college as a recruited lacrosse athlete.

“The quality of coaching and emphasis on strategy is at such a high level,” says Marley. “Also, the facilities at Exeter are amazing; so is working with coach Andrea Sweet [Exeter’s strength and conditioning coach]. As a team, we go to the weight room twice a week to work out together. Coach Sweet gives me a conditioning program that I follow through the summer, and she tailors her programs to meet students’ needs.”

While Marley has grown stronger on the fields, she has also become a better student.

“It’s not easy balancing sports and academics. I do homework in the car and on the sidelines of my club lacrosse practices,” she says. “It’s hard to fit it all together, but Exeter has taught me how to use my time wisely. My grades have risen since prep year, which speaks to that.”

“Exeter was always a dream for me,” Marley adds. She grew up nearby and her father, John Jenkins, is a member of the class of 1984. “Thank you for helping that dream come true.”