Brooks Saltonstall '15

Brooks Saltonstall’s experience at Exeter was a journey of wide-ranging exploration from the ceramics studio to the marine biology lab, from water polo to microfinance.

Wentworth Hall was the center of everything for Brooks. From his first day on campus, he looked up to his older dorm mates. As a senior, it was his turn to take on their mantle of leadership.

“I’ve spent three years watching some of the most talented, intelligent and friendly people lead the dorm,” Brooks says. “Now that I’m a senior, I want to live up to their example. It’s all about putting everything aside and helping someone out. Like when a prep comes to you with a question about homework, you take the time to help them before going back to what you were doing.”

Older students helped Brooks navigate PEA by introducing him to new experiences, particularly within the Exeter Social Service Organization (ESSO). With ESSO, Brooks served on the executive board and was club head of Exeter Microfinance for two years. Through that organization, Brooks and club members raised a small amount of investment capital, which they used to make short-term loans to families in developing nations, helping them build sustainable businesses. In total, the club cycled nearly $15,000 through its microloan program.

“It’s about helping people,” Brooks says. “Moving groups of people toward a common goal is something I like to do, and want to continue doing.”

The opportunity to pursue every interest at Exeter wasn’t lost on Brooks.

“Before I came to Exeter, I wondered when my life would start and what it would be like. It started at Exeter,” says Brooks. “Exeter has allowed me to be an extremely multifaceted individual. Through sports, ESSO, clubs, and even video games in the dorm, there are thousands of ways to define yourself as a person here. Exeter encourages you to figure out what you like and what you want to do.”

“I won’t leave Exeter thinking only about the knowledge I gained in the classroom. I’ll leave here being changed by the environment and the people I’ve been around.”