The Exeter Fund



How The Exeter Fund Makes a Difference

Every year, The Exeter Fund provides vital, flexible-use resources that enable the Academy to sustain the hallmarks of an Exeter education, including small class sizes, a superb faculty, and facilities and programs that allow students to achieve at their highest level.

Faculty Support

It helps sustain the continued development of a world-class faculty.


Gifts support the critical role of physical fitness and sports in the Exeter experience.

Financial Aid

The Exeter Fund helps bridge the gap between endowed-scholarship funding and total student-assistance awards.

Your Participation Matters

Student Life

Residential-life programs and service-learning projects, supported in part by The Exeter Fund, help create a vibrant community.

The Arts

Unrestricted gifts help provide opportunities in theater, music, dance, photography and art.


The Exeter Fund helps equip students and instructors with cutting-edge tools for teaching and learning.

By the Numbers...

  • 47% of students receive financial aid – your gift helps support those who cannot afford an Exeter education.

  • The Exeter Fund helps ensure 12 students at a Harkness table.

  • An Exeter Fund gift helps make available more than 400 courses providing students with the knowledge they need to succeed.

  • Exeter offers 17 off-campus study programs on five continents.