Why Support Exeter?

From its founding in 1781, Phillips Exeter Academy has instilled a deeply felt understanding that great things can be achieved when knowledge and goodness unite. The Academy’s rigorous Harkness table tradition of teaching challenges all students to think actively and participate in their learning. Exeter continually graduates independent-minded students who contribute to and succeed in all walks of life.

Work of this importance requires substantial and ongoing support. Gifts to Exeter empower us to hire the finest teachers, build and maintain the most up-to-date facilities and offer a range of other educational advantages that give the Exeter experience its distinguished edge. Ultimately, gifts to Exeter represent not only faith in the work of the Academy, but also belief in our collective future—one in which our talented students and alumni continue contributing to the world’s well-being.

For more information on the Academy's financial aid program, budget plan and annual expenditures, please visit our resource: Understanding Exeter's Finances